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It’s not about the platform, it’s about the teacher

Teach English online? Are you out of your mind? – I told Mel in November 2012. I am a conservative, therefore
I was convinced that the most effective lessons are with the teacher in the classroom, live, with a blackboard and textbooks.
Resisted. I was looking for thousands of reasons why “no”. But what about the subtle matter of relationships with
students, when you react to each other from half a word and half a glance and catch the slightest changes
vote? What about the dynamics of the lesson, “eye to eye” finally? Surprisingly, it quickly became clear that
all of these relationships are transferred online with the same success. The format is not important, the teacher is important!

When a student suddenly does not turn on the camera and only audio works, by breathing in headphones
I understand why he is silent in response to the question:

  • 1. Doesn’t know what to say,
  • 2.Doesn’t know how to speak English,
  • 3.Did not understand the question,
  • 4.Thinks.

I have already held so many demo lessons and so many meetings that I learned to understand a person from the first
seconds. One client said, “You are a good psychologist.” No, I just listen carefully and react to

Yes, there were difficult cases in which people demanded something, although they themselves did not understand what. Or were
sure what and how they should be taught. If you do not respond to such attacks, arrogance quickly subsides and
Seeing a professional in front of him, a person learns to trust and makes contact. Fall free – I
I will definitely catch.

I always tell new teachers: “It’s not about the platform, but the teacher who knows how to feel
student and catch why he came. It makes no sense to force him to the standard course ‘one fits all’.

Everyone has their own pace of assimilation of the material, their own interests and gaps. People come to us not for stress, but for
magic. To make learning comfortable, it is important to create a kind of moment from the very first lesson
of magic, try to feel each other. It very rarely happens that the teacher did not work out with
student of their “love story”. For example, a student is engaged, and then circumstances force
stop classes. And after a year, or even more, he returns and continues his studies with the same
teacher. The most pleasant compliment. It’s great when they recommend us to friends or come
to study as a family means trust.

Of course, there were people for whom the online format did not go. Not everyone likes avocado – it’s not for everybody.

Most often we are asked the following questions:

– Do you have a program? – potential students ask.

– Do you have a database of materials for lessons? – teachers at interviews.

– Not!

We initially abandoned the idea of ​​carbon copy lessons for the average student. First, everyone comes
with their level, their request and their history of learning English. If you came to the doctor, and
Does he have paracetamol for any of your complaints? Stomach hurts – paracetamol, head – paracetamol, heart –
paracetamol. The hit happened only once.

Secondly, a teacher is a creator, this is the whole thrill of our profession. We don’t want to break personality
a teacher, a professional who has his own view of student development.

Curiosities? There were a lot of them over these 5 years.

I’m doing a demo, I understand from the video – a person in a small enclosed room. It turned out to be a trucker
stopped in the parking lot for a demo lesson.

– Where are you now?

– In Spain.

Or, believe it or not, here’s a story like this. The woman communicates, everything goes well, then
says: “Sorry, I need to move away.” A minute later, she is lying on the couch, breastfeeding and
says: “You go on, I can hear you.”

When people look over their shoulder at the screen in the mall, it’s not even surprising.

Sometimes I want to say: “Uh .. Hey, comrade, I see you walking around the house in your family shorts behind your back
student. May be enough?)”

Once a guy came topless at all, apparently it was hot.

And once I was doing a demo with a guy, and he had a doorbell. He says: “Sorry, you need to answer
something urgent. ” It turned out – pizza delivery, but they made the wrong apartment.

If someone tells me that online does not really mean, I just smile and ask: “And you
have you tried? There is the same life and real emotions. ”If someone tells me that online doesn’t really mean, I’ll just smile and ask:“ And you
have you tried? There is the same life and real emotions. ” Thanks to everyone who was, and to those who are in
our team! Nothing would have happened without you. You are our superheroes – available 24/7. You are the best because
that you care! I convey to you grateful feedback from clients that you are doing great

Gleb is a technical director and a part-time magician, sometimes he solves any technical failure simply
your presence. How? Nobody knows – a military secret.

Chalk is the generator of ideas and all changes. Sometimes he says, “Come on …”, and the bar rises even more
higher. Well, you understand. The team is not always happy with his suggestions, but without him we would not be
where we are now. It’s always easier in the comfort zone.

Ksenia’s smile, her professionalism and attitude to business help open the doors of corporate clients.
She offers what she believes in because she knows it works!

Thank you for what you are doing.

Yours sincerely, Irina Rogers



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