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About us

Mel Rogers is the founder and investor of Online Class. As a native English speaker, he also participates in classes on the platform and personally conducts interviews with the English teachers who will be working on our courses. Mel moved to Belarus from Wales a few years ago. He is a former Honorary Consul of the British Embassy in Belarus. In the NEWS section of the website, you can read his full interview, and below – about why the English Online Class courses appeared.

Mel Rogers Мэл Роджерс
I work in Belarus

But many businessmen here don’t speak English.

I live in Belarus

and I meet a lot of people who don’t speak English

I am looking for teachers

for Online Class and it’s not easy to find someone who is fluent in English!

And there is no reason to think that everything is different with English in Russia, in Ukraine … Therefore, the Online Class English school appeared. Online classes that meet the highest standards are now available to anyone who signs up for them. The first lesson is free, so register and try it yourself! If you are an English teacher, leave a request to join us. This is how we see our work:

Purpose is to teach English online. You can study from anywhere in Belarus or abroad!

The Way – Professional English teachers + native speakers powered by an innovative online learning platform.

Results – do not keep you waiting! Read reviews about Online Class in the NEWS section of the website.

Mel and Irina Rogers —
Online Class co-founders as well as organizers of the weekly Sunday SpeakEasy meetings

директор Ирина Роджерс

Irina Rogers Online Class Director

Reviews of SpeakEasyConversation club

студенты школы английского языка

SpeakEasy — English speaking club with a native speaker

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