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Does Online Class have English classes for everyone?

Yes! First of all, it doesn’t matter where you live. You can sign up, pay for a course and take classes while being anywhere in the world. We have teachers and groups for students with any level of English: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. For advanced students, we offer classes with native speakers, preparation to international tests or advanced study of some particular topics. The content of your classes is determined in discussion with you during the first free class. It’s available to everyone who signs up on this website! Whatever you need English for, be it business, personal reasons, or passing exams, we will offer or develop a learning program to suit your needs. To do that, we employ many professional teachers of English as well as native speakers from Britain.

What are your classes like and how long do they last?

One class is 60 minutes and takes place on a unique platform for learning online. You can get there from your personal profile on this website. The platform will open in a new browser tab. It has a real-time audio- and video-chat with your group and your teacher and a virtual whiteboard to work with study files (pictures, books or presentations). It’s very convenient! You can get a complete demonstration of the platform’s features and benefits at the free lesson we offer. You can sign up for it by clicking “FREE LESSON” in the top menu on this website.

What times or schedules are available for classes?

A complete course with a teacher or a native speaker includes 16 classes. The course that is called COMBO includes 16 classes with a Russian-speaking teacher and 4 classes with a native speaker. The classes usually take place twice a week but by agreement with your teacher and / or other students in your group (besides yourself, a group can have 2 people at max), you can take classes less often or more often. You can also reschedule classes if for some reason you are not able to stick to a fixed schedule. No offline language schools can offer you this kind of comfort and flexibility. It also helps you take regular classes in spite of a busy schedule.

When can I start taking group or individual classes?

If you buy one individual class or a course of individual classes, you can start studying whenever you want, as soon as you agree on a suitable time with your teacher. For group classes we put together people with the same level of English and the same learning goals. As soon as 2 people like that apply, a group is formed. The maximum number of people in a group is 3. You can sign up for a free lesson to determine your level of English and to talk about your reasons for learning it on any day of the week. Click on “FREE LESSON” in the top menu to get started.

How do I choose a course?

The teacher that will welcome you at the first free lesson on our platform will ask you why you are learning English, check your current level and give advice about the best suitable program for you. We will assign to you a teacher who can offer or develop classes tailored to your requests. If you can already speak some English, it may be time to take classes with native speakers! To do that, buy one of our PREMIUM courses or the course called COMBO. It combines classes with a Russian-speaking teacher with classes where you can talk to a native speaker.

How can I pay for a course?

To see all offers, choose a course and pay for it, please get registered on this website. Online payments with your bank card are processed securely by bePaid.by. To pay for classes in a bank, please use our banking details and then send us a copy of a document that confirms your payment. This can be done in your personal profile on this website. The third way to pay for our classes involves a mobile payment system Tap2Pay. We can send you the link to initiate the payment on Facebook, Viber or Telegram.

Who are Online Class founders and teachers?

Online school of English under the name of Online Class was founded by Irina and Mel Rogers. Mel is British, he is a native speaker and he handpicks the teachers who give classes on our platform. You can read interviews with most of our teachers in the NEWS section on this website (top menu). They all have a few things in common. They are perfectly fluent in English. They want to teach you to speak English and use it rather than just train you to complete exercises. And they are all ready to tailor classes to your personal requests rather than stick to a ready-made program that may or may not suit you. We also have 5 native speakers of English working with us. They are all British and 3 of them live in the United Kingdom.

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