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Businnes English

business englishI confess that it has only been a few years since I have been involved with English language courses. It has been a steep learning process to get to grips with things!

During my period of understanding the market, I was always confused as to what ‘Business English’ courses were about?

All of my adult life has been spent in the commercial world and my native language is English, but what was ‘Business English?’ Have I been missing this vital element? Could I have done better if I had known this key language?

How different was this language from my normal form of conversation?

I imagined walking down the road with a colleague, discussing a programme watched last evening on TV, then as we approached the office having to change into Business English to be understood by fellow workers, suppliers and clients.

So here I was a paid up member of ‘confused.com’

Now I have to confess, my discipline is marketing, I am a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing which makes me someone who researches options, reasons why and evaluates benefits. It is in my DNA to ask questions!

I asked prospective students – ‘what do you expect to gain from taking a Business English course?

Then I asked those who had taken a course – ‘was it beneficial to you in your career development?

There was a big difference between expectation and result.

Expectation: The course would enable the student to become proficient in doing business with English speaking clients/suppliers. It would make them a more valuable employee and therefore improve career development.

Reality: Frustration and disappointment. Because the course was written by an academic who writes on a variety of different subjects after some specific research, the content may be correct but narrow. It will be, well, academic when what is required is a template for commercial success. The course is then delivered by a teacher of English who again may be limited in understanding the process of doing business!

It is interesting that many academics are now questioning the value of the courses they have written and realised that in the title ‘Business English’ too much emphasis has been placed on the subject of English and not enough on the subject of Business.

businessThese English language academics are required to deliver courses to satisfy the commercial demands of text book publishers who pay for one development and sell it many, many times.

Let me tell you something – there is no one simple solution to doing business! Each supplier company is different and every customer is unique.

People buy from people, people they trust and people who understand the need! It is all about personality and ability to communicate.

There are techniques to open a business relationships and ways to maintain that relationship.

I can teach you these in one lesson – it is not rocket science!

As they say ‘you have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion’

If you do this, then you are on your way to becoming a more valuable employee and your career development will improve.

Our teachers are trained to listen to what the customer needs and then create a unique course specific for your need!

You can find us at: online-class.by or on-cl.ru



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